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How To Recover Money Insurance Companies May Owe You

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Give Your Collections Department a New Microscope

Insurance companies have been illegally impeding Health Care Providers' cash flow for years by slow and underpaying claims.

Because of this, Doctors were left on their own to develop sophisticated collection protocols to ensure that all their claims were eventually fully paid. While these procedures have become successful standard practices, they fall short of collecting the maximum amount allowed by law.

In 2003 the Texas Legislature passed laws to end this inequity towards Health Care Providers in the form of the Prompt Pay Act, requiring insurance companies to pay penalties, interest, and attorneys fees when they pay claims late or underpay them.

Our law firm uses these laws to supplement your practice's current collection efforts to ensure your past insurance claims have been paid fully and on time. When they're not, we ensure that your cash flow is supplemented with all statutory penalties, interest, and attorneys fees allowed under the law. The awards we may obtain for you can be substantial.

This process is risk free; we represent you on a contingent fee basis, so there are no fees or expenses unless we are able to recover a financial award. Here's how we do it:

Step One - Analyze

Our team will take the last four years of your insurance claim history (the maximum time length allowed by law) and we will run those claims through HIPPA compliant computer software designed to inspect each individual claim and determine if it was late paid or underpaid. 100% of TEXAS HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS COULD HAVE ELIGIBLE CLAIMS UNDER THE PROMPT PAY ACT.

Step Two - Negotiate

Once your claims analysis is complete, we contact the insurance companies on your behalf and enter into a negotiation or arbitration process to help get you the maximum compensation you may be allowed by law. At the end of this process, we will present you with a proposed final settlement with the insurance companies for your consideration, and upon approval, collect on your behalf. Our law firm performs this process on a contingent fee basis, so there are no uprfont fees and no expenses to your orginization unless you recover.